Storish Mobilya is a well-established brand taking its new steps in e-commerce. Aiming to strongly reflect its corporate identity, Storish was in search of innovative solutions to overcome challenges in the delivery processes. When we first encountered Storish, they had a two-month timeframe for all operational processes, requiring meticulous planning and execution of everything within this period for successful delivery.

As Ecommercio, we rolled up our sleeves to help them achieve all their goals within this limited time frame. Over a period of two months, we conducted a creative web design, efficient coding, and integration process that reflected the brand’s DNA.

In this project aimed at elevating the customer experience to its zenith, we ensured that every step users take on the website is flawless and functional.

Storish Furniture shared with us the operational challenges it faced in delivering to all 81 provinces. As a brand conducting sales through e-commerce, it was concerned about potential disruptions in the delivery processes negatively impacting customer satisfaction and brand image.

In order to address this issue comprehensively, we developed a system that anticipates the delivery time of a product selected from Storish’s website, taking into account the warehouses located in many parts of Turkey. The system transparently presents the entire process to the customer, aiming to provide clarity on when the product will arrive from which warehouse.

Despite the brevity of the project timeline, we meticulously planned all our efforts with a long-term and sustainable perspective.

  • Customer Experience and Performance Oriented Approach: To secure a competitive advantage for Storish Furniture in the marketplace, we completed all performance and optimization efforts, conducted all control stages of the testing process, and delivered a turnkey solution within a 2-month timeframe.
  • Creative Solutions to Operational Problems: We developed the ‘Estimated Delivery Calculator,’ establishing a mechanism that calculates the delivery time from all existing warehouses of the brand to the desired destination for the ordered product. We presented the entire process in a system where the customer can track the progress.
  • Long Term Planning and Sustainability in a Short Time: Storish Furniture can actively utilize the website developed by us for the duration of their choosing.
  • Creativity, Solution Orientation and Long Term Success: Within a limited timeframe, we ensured a strong market entry for Storish Furniture by maximizing customer experience, performance, and operational efficiency.

As Ecommercio, just like in every project, we continue to provide brands with tailored, innovative, and customized solutions that meet their needs.

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