Empera, operating in the field of machine carpet production, has been increasing its commercial capacity day by day with its sector experience and investments stretching from 1984 to the present. Empera has continuously embraced the principle of constant development towards branding since its establishment and is also listed in Turkey’s Top 500 Industrial Enterprises list.

Our paths with Empera crossed when we set out to improve the existing e-commerce capacity with a new infrastructure, both domestically and in exports to Europe. Together with Empera’s internal teams, we conducted studies to identify needs and issues with the aim of improving the user experience through a better interface and optimization of cancellation and return processes.

Especially for a product like carpets, which are felt by touching, we added a virtual reality application for placing products at home to make the e-commerce sales experience more realistic. We added virtual reality features on the existing mobile website with the application we wrote.
In addition to the savings provided by process optimization, we enabled Empera to manage orders from a single center. We launched these detailed studies conducted with Empera in a way that meets all customer demands.

  • Website Optimization: Making the website design user-friendly, in addition to the difference in product experience supported by virtual reality.
  • Process Optimization: Improving shipping, cancellation, and return processes through more efficient internal processes and workflows.
  • Mobile Application Update: Updating the mobile application and adding the feature of placing products at home with virtual reality.
  • User Experience Enhancement: Improving the customer experience with a better interface design.
  • Order Management Optimization: Managing sales in different marketplaces from a single center and reducing error margins.

We are pleased to have implemented innovative and customized solutions suitable for Empera’s needs, maximizing customer experience, performance, and operational efficiency in marketing and analytics as Ecommercio.

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