We teamed up with Bikaldi, Turkey’s largest coffee provider with years of experience in the industry, for the company’s entry into e-commerce. As it was the first time the company would establish an e-commerce infrastructure, we designed a website from scratch that meets Bikaldi’s needs and crafted an identity reflecting the brand positioning.

Collaborating with Bikaldi, which set out with the goal of delivering its products to boutique producers and consumers, we successfully enabled the firm to enter e-commerce in a robust and sustainable manner. Completing the optimization of all payment and order shipment stages, and integrating warehouse processes within three months, we established the system needed for the company to successfully achieve its goal of reaching the end user.

  • Website Design: We designed the website layout and visuals in accordance with the brand identity.
  • Website Optimization: Utilizing the Akinon infrastructure, we ensured high performance for the Bikaldi website and provided users with the best possible experience.
  • Long Term Planning and Sustainability in a Short Time: Bikaldi will be able to use the website we specifically designed and developed for the brand effectively for many years to come.
  • Creativity, Solution Orientation and Long Term Success: Within a limited time frame, we facilitated Bikaldi’s entry into e-commerce with solid steps by maximizing customer experience, performance, and operational efficiency.
  • Optimum Order Management: We determined the fulfillment of online orders and optimal order dispatch times for Bikaldi.
  • Warehouse Management Integration: We organized Bikaldi’s warehouse processes in accordance with the e-commerce model.
  • Data Transfer and Integrations: We achieved the rapid and efficient transfer of existing products to the e-commerce platform.

As Ecommercio, we are delighted to contribute to the success of our clients in e-commerce with our innovative and customized solutions tailored to the needs of the brand in this project.

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