As Ecommercio, we have transformed Flormar’s e-commerce platform to offer customers a seamless transition between online and offline experiences. To ensure this consistency in customer experience, we optimized the design and flow of the website. Thus, we reflected Flormar’s unique brand perception on the website with the same quality. During this optimization process, we also made performance improvements. We transformed the site from a shopping point to an engaging experience center where users can follow other customers’ product experiences and social media shares.

As an essential part of the omnichannel approach, we integrated Flormar’s existing CRM and loyalty card applications into the website. With this innovative integration, we could offer personalized campaigns and loyalty points covering physical stores and online platforms. This approach further enriched customers’ brand experience and strengthened their loyalty. Additionally, by renewing Flormar’s mobile application, we enabled users to have a more effective and enriched experience on the mobile platform.

Throughout this process, we made Flormar’s e-commerce operations customer-centric and efficient. This included ensuring perfect harmony between Flormar’s online and offline experiences and optimizing workflows and technical integrations. As Ecommercio, we elevated the omnichannel experience to a new level with the services we provide to our customers.

  • Website Optimization: Making the flow and design of the website user-friendly
  • Performance Enhancement: Increasing the speed and performance of the website
  • User Experience Enrichment: Enhancing user experience with product reviews and social media shares
  • CRM and Loyalty Card Integration: Integrating CRM and loyalty card systems with the website
  • Business Process Optimization: Making internal business processes and workflows more efficient
  • Mobile Application Update: Updating Flormar’s mobile application to increase its usage.
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