When we met with Chakra, we noticed that a limited package program was being used on e-commerce platforms. This situation imposed a limitation on improving the user experience of Chakra’s website. In response to this, we worked to implement a customized design developed by Chakra and ran a seamless process together with third parties during this process. This allowed us to create a customer-centric solution and meet Chakra’s expectations using our flexibility and solution-oriented approach.

Over approximately 2.5 months, we revamped Chakra’s website from start to finish, including marketplace integrations. During this time, we increased the site speed using Akinon infrastructure and optimized integrations to minimize operational errors. This enabled Chakra to run multiple campaigns simultaneously, even during busy periods like Black Friday. In fact, during this period, we ensured that Chakra continued to serve at its busiest times, generating more revenue than the total turnover of the previous year.

Finally, we also assisted Chakra in expanding to mobile platforms. Launching both web, mobile web, and mobile applications increased Chakra’s cross-platform activity and accessibility. This approach allowed Chakra to grow as a multi-channel e-commerce brand and significantly improved user experience on a broad scale.

  • Customized Web Design: Designing and implementing a website that best reflects Chakra’s vision.
  • Marketplace Integrations: Executing all integrations to expand Chakra’s presence in different marketplaces.
  • Website Optimization: Enhancing the performance of Chakra’s website using Akinon infrastructure and ensuring the best user experience.
  • Operational Optimizations: Minimizing operational errors in stock and pricing and assisting in the smooth operation of Chakra’s business processes.
  • Mobile App Development: Developing a brand-specific mobile app for Chakra to provide broader access to its users.
  • Infrastructure Optimization: Making the infrastructure of Chakra’s website faster and more efficient.
  • Multi-Channel E-Commerce Strategy: Transforming Chakra into a multi-channel e-commerce platform that reaches customers via web, mobile, and mobile applications.
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