Stepevi, a leading luxury home textiles and carpet design brand, offers its customers a unique experience. The brand aimed to replicate this experience on its websites, actively selling in Turkey. It also sought to establish a website for operations based in France, intending to target the European market. They wanted to freely reflect their usage experiences and brand identity on this website, similar to what they offer in Turkey. We supported the brand in reaching these goals with our technical skills and design talents.

Stepevi Turkey

Stepevi required a website design and user experience for the Turkish website that was aesthetically appealing and technically impressive. To reflect Stepevi’s unique brand identity, we embarked on a journey initiated by strategic research to create a platform where users could easily navigate and shop. We crafted a user-friendly UI/UX design for These designs effectively showcased and sold the brand’s products. We used our technical skills and aesthetic elements to enhance the website’s visual appeal.

  • Website Design: The website design and visuals were tailored to enhance user experience and align with brand identity. Colors, fonts, and page layouts were revised to align with the brand identity.
  • Payment Infrastructure: Issues in the payment infrastructure were resolved with Iyzico integration, ensuring a safer and faster payment process.
  • Performance Optimization: The website’s performance was enhanced, page loading times were reduced, and the user experience was improved.

Stepevi France

Ecommercio entirely managed the Stepevi France project. The brand wanted to create a customized website and design focusing on the European market. Throughout the process, we met Stepevi’s goals of delivering a good user experience, integrating internationally, and reflecting their brand identity. Payment integrations for transactions in Euros, shipping solutions for European deliveries, and UI/UX designs were developed. Ecommercio integrated specialized software to optimize Stepevi’s shipping costs, achieving significant savings in operational expenses. The website was thoroughly reviewed, customer experience tested, and Stepevi’s European e-commerce operation process was optimized.

  • Custom Design and Brand Stance: A website design specific to the French market was developed, strengthening Stepevi’s position in Europe.
  • Payment Integration: A Euro-based payment infrastructure was established, making payment processes more user-friendly.
  • Shipping and Delivery Processes: The most suitable shipping and delivery processes for European operations were determined, optimizing costs.
  • Shipping Cost Optimization: A system that automatically optimizes shipping costs, reduces delivery expenses, and increases profit margins.
  • Testing Process: Before the website’s launch, an end-to-end testing process was conducted, identifying and addressing potential issues in advance.
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