We facilitate the integration of our business partners into marketplaces via the Akinon platform. This integration allows our partners to list the products they wish to feature on media, such as Trendyol, N11, Hepsiburada, and Amazon, in a customized manner without additional effort. Our business partners can monitor stock control, order details, and price updates through a single panel. Beymen took the opportunity to integrate various brands into its marketplace by joining this ecosystem. Consequently, it gained the capability to introduce new brands and products on the platform. Currently, numerous brands have integrated into the Beymen marketplace using this ecosystem.

All necessary adjustments and customizations were made for order placement, approval, preparation, and dispatch stages in the Beymen marketplace.

Full integration was achieved for order placement, cancellation, and return processes in the Beymen marketplace, along with stock updates following these transactions.

Throughout all these processes, detailed tests were conducted at each step to smooth the process and quickly rectify any errors, thereby accelerating the process.

Ecommercio provided the necessary support services for integrating all brands, whether partners or non-partners, using the Akinon infrastructure into the Beymen marketplace.

At the end of the project, we created what can be called a user manual for the Beymen marketplace, a continually updated and evolving documentation. This manual provided step-by-step guidance for brands integrating into the Beymen marketplace, enabling them to find solutions to possible errors.

  • Identifying Needs: It was determined which data would be exchanged during the integration process, where each piece of data would be sourced and sent to, and which functions would be executed with API integration.
  • Ecosystem Integration: With Beymen’s inclusion in our ecosystem, other brands in the ecosystem are connected to the Beymen marketplace through API integration.
  • Customization of Order Processing: Optimization was carried out for order confirmation, shipping, cancellation, returns, and stock updating processes.
  • Testing Process: Detailed tests were conducted throughout all processes, and any arising errors were promptly corrected.
  • Support Services: Necessary support services were provided to integrate all brands using the Akinon infrastructure into the Beymen marketplace.
  • Documentation Creation: A user manual was developed for brands integrating into the Beymen marketplace, containing step-by-step guidance and solutions for potential errors.
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